2020 has been a year of firsts. Add another to the list, and look for it on your 2020 Bingo card. An Owatonna Police Department squad car was photographed with Air Force One as it landing/taking off. I know what your thinking, the President didn't come to Owatonna so how could this happen? Well, the Owatonna Police Department answered a call for help from the Bemidji Police Department for the recent visit from President Trump.

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According to the Owatonna Police Department's Just The Facts publication, the Owatonna Police Department sent up 4 officers to Bemidji to help out the Bemidji Police Department at the Presidents rally last week on September 18. 

Image Credit: Owatonna Police Department
Image Credit: Owatonna Police Department

The blurb in this week's Just The Facts newsletter states:

"This past week, the President of The United States made a visit to Bemidji, and as would happened with any smaller police agency, the Bemidji Police Department needed mutual law enforcement assistance to staff a large security detail for the President.  The Minnesota Chief of Police Association sent a state-wide request for assistance and the OPD stepped up by sending two squads and Officers Joel Hunt, Travis Johnson, Nathan Heeren and Josh Lee to assist.  The Owatonna officers were assigned to the perimeter to keep traffic from stopping withing the exclusion zone."

So it sounds like the officers from the OPD that went North to Bemidji to assist didn't have any direct contact with the President, nevertheless they did help a department in need and it still makes for a pretty cool picture.

You can read the entire newsletter from the Owatonna Police Department here. 

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