Police in West St. Paul are on the lookout for a very expensive specialized wheelchair that was stolen out of the families vehicle in front of their apartment building. It happened late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Holli Magee's son Levi has cerebral palsy and his wheelchair is customized for him specifically.

Magee said she had to leave his wheelchair in her car because there is no handicap access at her apartment complex.  The cost of the wheelchair is $6,400 and to make things worse even if they could raise enough money to replace the chair, it would take up to 6 months for a new one because it is made custom for her son.

Magee said to KARE11: "Levi is dependent on the chair. "He can't walk. He can't do anything without the wheelchair. It's his legs. It's even like his arms in some cases."

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I am beyond disturbed by this story as to who in their right mind would ever steal a wheelchair, especially a small one that is obviously for a child? nobody is going to give you money for it so what could possibly be the motive. Hopefully as word gets around about this missing wheelchair it will be found and returned to this family. A  Gofundme page has been started to help the family get a new wheelchair. If you have any information regarding this case please contact the West St. Paul Police Department at 651-552-4200.


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