A man from Milwaukee Wisconsin has been charged in the shooting of a St. Paul Lyft driver on February 18  after he turned himself in. According to Bring Me The News after the driver was shot he was pushed out of the vehicle onto the street and the shooter took off and stole his vehicle. The victim was initially listed in critical condition.

On February 20 26-year-old Batton Harris was arrested in Milwaukee after he turned himself in after speaking with a St. Paul Investigator. Harris told investigators that he got off a bus and requested a Lyft and when he got in the vehicle the driver was staring at him. Harris then said he shot the driver and headed back to Milwaukee.

The Lyft driver suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his back and arm, he is currently recovering from his injuries and is expected to survive. The police did recover the Lyft driver's vehicle in St. Paul that same day with the doors open and the vehicle still running.

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Nobody was inside the vehicle and they found a bullet by the driver's side door. It was parked in front of a residence but nobody in the home answered when police tried to make contact with the residents.

It is unknown at this how Harris got back to Milwaukee or why he decided to reach out to the St. Paul Police Department to turn himself in, but thankfully he did or this attempted murder and carjacking may have never been solved. This is so frightening to hear these types of stories, I have a few friends who are rideshare drivers and it can be dangerous because you have no idea what your rider may be up to. For more information on this story go to Bring Me The News.

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