Corn mazes can be a lot of fun or they can also incite total panic at the thought of being lost in one. Ever since I have seen the movie 'Children of the Corn" I cannot set foot in one, even in broad daylight with signs everywhere. Besides my overactive imagination, I also have a horrible sense of direction so I am convinced if I go in I will never find my way out and they will have to call the St. Louis County Rescue squad to come find me.  I am a huge supporter of corn itself though and I love corn on the cob, so thank you to all the farmers that produce the corn in the first place.

So if you are not a huge scaredy cat like me where can you go locally to a corn maze? Well, glad you asked because I have the answer for you. The closest one to the Twin Ports is The Ru-Ridge corn maze which is massive and spans eight acres. It is more than just part of the Haunted Shack - it has a corn pit, petting zoo, horse rides, and more. Ru-Ridge Corn Maze is located 1781 County Road 1 in Carlton.

So where did this guy accidentally shoot himself at?  The 38-year-old man is from Circle Pines Minnesota and was at a corn maze in Brooklyn Park on Saturday when the accident happened. According to WCCO/CBS-Minnesota the Police say the man had the firearm on his hip and had a valid conceal and carry permit.

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Witnesses on the scene say that he had been in or near the corn pit when he reached down to remove some corn out of his boot when his gun accidentally went off. Even though there were adults and children around it did not cause too much of a disturbance and nobody else was hurt.

The man was taken to the hospital and investigators have forwarded the information to the Hennepin County attorney's office to consider if charges need to be filed. Thankfully nobody else was hurt, but I am sure it had to be frightening for the kids and parents to witness such an event.

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