I'll admit it.  Our family loves the DQ over by Best Buy in Rochester, Minnesota.  They give the most ice cream out of the others, but now I'm wondering if this is normal or if it is because we talk about this while we are waiting in the drive-thru to order.  I say that because I just learned that at some drive-thrus in Minnesota, the person taking your order can actually hear you the entire time.  Yep.🙄

Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash
Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

CAUTION: The Staff Taking Your Order at Minnesota Drive-Thrus CAN Hear You The Entire Time

Now that you know this tidbit of info, you are probably thinking through every possible conversation that you may have had while waiting to order food at a drive-thru.  I know, because I had the same reaction when I saw this statement pop up on Reddit:

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As soon as you drive up to the speaker, we get a beep over our headsets and the transmission begins. If we don't answer you right away - we can hear everything. If we apologize and say we'll be with you in a minute - you're not on hold, we can hear everything. If you've ordered but the drive-thru line won't let you pull ahead yet - we can hear every single thing you're saying.


I wish I could forget some of the stuff I've heard.


On the flipside, some of the stuff I've heard has made me give the customer a nice little bonus on their order when it sounds like they need it. - wreckinitralph

The more you know.🌈🌟

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Go Waste Some Time Today And Read the Comments In That Reddit Thread

And now all of those who worked a drive-thru are chiming in...and it is pretty hilarious!  I managed to waste a good 20 minutes today reading through the comments of what people have heard when they worked in the fast food industry wearing those headsets for the drive-thru.  If you'd like to waste some time today too, click here.

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