This very popular festival has been missing since 2015.  This isn't even pandemic related like most other festivals that were cancelled within the last couple of years.  This festival was cancelled for several other reasons, but now is back!

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What can you expect from this year's festival of "eats, beats and more"?

First, the dates are scheduled for July 2nd and 3rd and will take place downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall from noon until 8pm.  This is a move from the previous location in St. Paul.

There will be a ton of food (obviously) plus a lot of music all along the mall streets.  Some of the band scheduled to play include Big Boi (half of Outkast), Third Eye Blind, Uncle Kracker, Fabulous Armadillos, and so much more!  You can get the details on when everyone will be playing, and who they will be adding in the next few weeks on the Taste of Minnesota website.  

This was always such a fun event, just walk along, enjoy all of the food vendors, music and several other crafty type things and drinks.  Almost like a mini state fair type of festival.

Fun Minnesota events are all starting to come back and it's great to see.  It's also a great time to sample some foods from restaurants that you may have wanted to try in the past, but haven't had the chance.  Now is your chance to do that with this event.

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