Northfield Hospital and Clinics (NH+C) issued a news release today outlining their intentions to vaccinate people 80 years of age and older.  The news release is included below:

FEBRUARY 2, 2021 – NH+C is beginning to schedule COVID vaccination appointments and will continue in the coming weeks as vaccine supply becomes available.

On February 6, NH+C will begin vaccination appointments for individuals age 80 and older. The number of appointments depends on the amount of vaccine we have available.

Current patients of NH+C clinics will be contacted in order of age (oldest first). The number of patients we contact will depend on how much vaccine we have available. We will contact patients by phone call and text. Current patients do not need to contact us to get on this list.

Current patients of Allina Clinic in Northfield who have been Northfield Hospital patients will be contacted in order of age (oldest first) based on Allina criteria. Allina will contact its eligible patients by phone call or email with further instructions. All Allina patients continue to be eligible for randomized vaccinations at Allina’s four hubs.

If you are not an NH+C patient or Allina patient and you live in NH+C’s service area and meet age and other criteria, you will have an option to sign up on a waitlist based on age. NH+C will have an online form for you to join the list for an invitation when vaccine is available. As soon as we can post the form on our website securely (to protect the website and your information), we will announce it through local media, social media, and on our website

If you are selected and your spouse is also eligible, we will schedule appointments for you both at the same time.

We will schedule your first and second doses (3 or 4 weeks apart) at the same time.

If you are selected, you will be given a phone number to call to schedule your appointment. It’s important to call us at that number as soon as you can, because we have limited slots available.

This phone number is not for the general public. Callers will not be able to schedule an appointment at this phone number if they have not previously heard from us.

NH+C’s goal is to vaccinate people in our community as efficiently as possible with the limited vaccine we have at this time. We are committed to serving all members of our community.

We encourage you to seek other options for vaccine too. See options at It’s a good idea to try to get the vaccine through more than one organization. We don’t know how much or how frequently we will get vaccine.

We also continue to vaccinate 1a healthcare workers in coordination with Public Health. If you are a 1a healthcare worker in need of vaccine, contact Public Health in your county.

Plans will continue to evolve. Watch for updates on NH+C’s website:


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