A Northfield cat has a fitting name, Paws. Why is it fitting? Because she is tied with another cat from Canada for the Guinness World Record for the most number of toes on a cat. She has a total of 28 toes, 3 extra on each paw.

Paws' owner Jeanne Martin told WCCO that her paws sort of look like a catchers mitt. She also said that "'[Paws] can walk on the edge of a drawer ... because her feet kind of grip.'" When Paws is taken to the vet, Jeanne makes sure to remind the vet to clip all 28 of her toes.

Jeanne also told WCCO that apparently Paws can also speak, kind of like a parrot. Sometimes when she meows it sounds like she's saying "hello." Unfortunately they didn't catch her doing this on camera.

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