We all have that one thing that others do that's our biggest pet peeve. My biggest pet peeve is when people know you are trying to walk fast to get around them and they slow down and get in your way. You want to see me lose it, do that to me at a grocery store.

So we asked our listeners what their biggest pet peeves are in this Facebook post. Here are the 10 best responses we got.

Not using your blinker was a big complaint. It is very annoying and causes so many accidents. There are a lot of driving pet peeves in Minnesota. Some others were not merging on the highway properly, not turning into your lane and going below the speed limit. All things that drive most of us nuts.

Another heated conversation. Toilet Paper! A lot of people complained about not changing out the roll when it's empty. One listener even chimed in on our app chat that they hate when the toilet paper is under instead of over. The debate that happens at my house all the time!

Phones... changing society as we speak! I'm guilty of this one. This past year I have been attached to my phone in a bad way. Long-distance relationships will do that to you. I need to pay more attention to people in life than the people who are contacting me through a screen! This is so hard.

Loud chewing is another one that was very common. I always get embarrassed when I'm eating foods like carrots or chips because those foods are loud in nature anyways.

I can see how chewing with your mouth open is annoying. I've done it a few times... as well as on national television! Doing a news story live with a mouth full of popcorn is what got me my first radio job.

English is a hard language. It's super hard! I can see how this can get annoying over time.

Almost every mom's pet peeve! Picking your nose! It's so disgusting!

Dishes! Especially if you don't have a dishwasher. Many of us who are busy struggle with this one. It's hard to keep up on them sometimes.

Not looking polished can be a big pet peeve for some. If you are like me, not being put together is the least of your worries on a daily basis!

This is so disgusting!! I can't stand when people don't clip them into a trash can at home! No one wants your nails floating around the floor.

Those are just a few of the comments we got. It's fun to see how many of us have so many things in common! Join the conversation in the post below:

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