In a video posted to social media on Monday afternoon, a semi-truck driver avoids a serious crash with not only another semi but other passenger vehicles at the intersection of Highway 8 and County Road 95 in Taylors Falls. Ultimately the semi rolls his rig, but according to the person who posted the surveillance video, the driver walked away from the crash. 


The dramatic video shows the semi taking to the left-hand turn lane to avoid hitting a stopped SUV then overcorrecting to the right to avoid hitting a semi driving who is driving through the intersection.

Imagine being one of those folks filling up your car at the pump when all of a sudden a semi is rolling towards you, your vehicle, and the gas pump you are using to fuel your car. Scary!

The intersection where the accident happened, Highway 8 and County Road 95, is a busy intersection as there is a popular scenic boat tour, and it is also the Interstate State Park entrance, which is located opposite the gas station where the roll-over happened.

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