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Unless you are a fan of the snow, this is bad news. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released their predictions for how this winter will fare for us around the country. Minnesota's isn't looking too pretty, they're predicting a snowier-than-average winter for us.

The culprit for our possibly snowier-than-average winter is La Nina. In other parts of the country, La Nina is affecting them differently. Most of the rest of the country will be warmer and drier than average this winter.

I would like to note that NOAA's prediction covers December through February since that is the meteorological winter. Obviously, in Minnestoa winter is longer than that (sometimes MUCH longer).

The one possibly positive thing to come out of NOAA's prediction is that they are saying we have an equal chance between having a colder-than-average winter and a warmer-than-average winter. So if there is a ton of snow, at least we won't be freezing our butts off. Right?

We will see if these predictions come true! I feel like our winters have become more and more unpredictable so maybe these predictions will be totally off.

No matter what NOAA's winter prediction is, we do have a slight chance of seeing some snow this weekend. Parts of Minnesota already saw snow Friday morning!

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