The Minnesota DNR over the weekend posted about ice safety, and several Minnesotans didn't heed the warning as several vehicles broke through on some Southwestern Minnesota lakes.

In the post to social media, the DNR reminded Minnesotans that with the above freezing temps that we are experiencing double th ice thickness is recommended for those venturing out.

"Above freezing temperatures will deteriorate ice conditions. Areas with fast moving water, like springs and channels, tend to create thinner, weak ice than surrounding areas and should be avoided. Double ice thickness recommendations for ice that has been through the freeze / thaw cycle." - Minnesota DNR

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office over the weekend posted a photo showing multiple vehicles submerged in water after breaking through the ice on a portion of Lake Shetek.

Closer to home here in SE Minnesota, ice on area lakes still varies by location, one report states that at last check Shields Lake had around 9 inches of ice on it in some places.

According to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities we can expect the mild/moderate December weather to continue through Thursday with temps returning to 'normal' Friday into the weekend.

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