One of the great things about Christmas in addition to church and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas is family traditions. As time goes on families change and traditions can change too!  A little over a year ago our daughter got married. In addition to gaining a son in law we also gained two grandchildren! One year ago we began a new tradition of celebrating Christmas with Laura, Mike and our grandchildren at Wisconsin Dells. Annika and Leif just learned we were all going to Disney World during Spring Break!

This weekend was year two of our new family tradition at Wisconsin Dells. We had a Christmas Tree, opened presents enjoyed a big meal (thanks to Louise) and planned to go skiing at the resort we were staying at Christmas Mountain. Yes, grandpa Jerry and Mike were told by Louise and Laura we were going to take the kids downhill skiing for the first time! The weekend was perfect except for the weather! It was too warm for skiing!

It has been so cold in Minnesota, we have had snow since the middle of November, it did not occur to me that there would be no snow in Wisconsin Dells. It has been so warm they have had little opportunity to make any snow. Today the temperature reached 54 degrees with sunshine. My first thought after being relieved I was not going downhill skiing was, where were the 50 degree days last November when we were dealing with the cold and snow during harvest?


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