Wednesday afternoon I took advantage of the nice weather. I got a ride out to the farm and then drove my John Deere 4430 in to the hospital. Yes, I drove my 4430 from the farm all the way to Ag Power Enterprises in Owatonna. It was about a 35-mile drive, but it only took 1 hour and 45 minutes. Sure, it took a little time and diesel fuel to drive the tractor to Owatonna, but it cost a lot less them hauling it in. I am pretty sure it needs a new clutch.

I noticed the clutch slipping last fall while pulling a gravity box with 600 bushels of corn. After slowing down to turn a corner, the clutch would slip if I throttled up too fast. I called Doctor Bill at Ag Power and asked if the clutch needed to be adjusted. Doctor Bill said it has a hydraulic clutch, so as long as the pressure is correct there is no adjustment. Doctor Bill stopped by and checked the pressure. It was normal, so I just took it easy last fall trying to get done. I planned on getting it fixed this winter. I do not want to have the liquid fertilizer tank, duals and monitor on the tractor ready to plant corn and find out I should have gotten the clutch fixed!

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