A couple of weeks ago I drove my John Deere 4430 to the hospital at Ag Power Enterprises in Owatonna. Saturday morning I stopped by Ag Power to pick up some parts for my 4020 before going to the Farm and Power Show. I saw Dr. Bill had split the tractor to repair the clutch. Dr. Bill was on a service call, but Mike the service manager said they pretty much found what they expected. It did not need a whole new clutch, just a few parts and put it back together. Plus, the PTO clutch was fine.

When I see a tractor in pieces I always am amazed that technicians like Dr. Bill can determine which parts are OK and which need to be replaced. Not to mention putting it all back together again. Plus, newer tractors are a whole lot more complex than mine. When Dr. Bill is done, my 4430 will be as good as the day it was new. I wish my medical doctor could do the same for me!

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