So much for Minnesota Nice on this one.

A new digital billboard is on display in St. Cloud,similar to the red Rocks and Cows billboards up in our area earlier this summer.

This one was spotted by the MAC at the intersection of Veteran's Drive and 54th Ave N. I had seen a blurry photo of it on Facebook, and since you can never totally trust everything you see on social media, I went to the MAC parking lot and waited for this digital billboard so I could see it with my own eyes.

The digital sign depicts a man contorting his body to fix his head up his butt and says "Governor Walz, Northern MN is trying to see things from your point of view" and is sponsored by Rocks and Cows of the North.

This one is a little more out there than the previous billboard campaign.

This same sign in Fosston, MN caused a stir earlier this week. So much so that Mayor James Offerdahl had to make a public statement.

We also received numerous complaints blaming the City for allowing it which of course we have no say in. We also received messages questioning if the City had placed the ad so we felt it important for us to make a statement to clarify that the City has nothing to do with the advertisement and does not own or control the sign itself.

This billboard made it into the state news cycle, and the group has since incorporated it into other digital billboards across Minnesota, including St. Cloud.

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