There are tons and tons of national days like National Dog Day and odd ones like National Do Something Nice for a Grouch Day. It seems like if you try hard enough there is a reason to celebrate every day. But today Minnesota Governor Tim Walz may have given all Minnesotans a fantastic reason to celebrate today.

The governor occasionally makes proclamations saying this specific day is now X. For example, I'm pretty sure he proclaimed one day as Bey Day in Minnesota.

Governor Walz Proclaims Today As...

So Governor Walz decided to make today, Thursday, February 16th, 2023, Beer Day in Minnesota! Or did he?

Valueline, Thinkstock
Valueline, Thinkstock
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Here's the thing. I saw a post about this proclamation on Little Thistle's Facebook page... but it's not on the Minnesota government website where they post all of Walz's proclamations. So is Little Thistle pulling our leg? Maybe! I did discover that on February 16th, 2000 the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild was created so that's likely why Minnesota Beer Day is being talked about on social media, whether the governor officially declared it or not. But I'm still down to celebrate Beer Day either way!

In fact, some of the best breweries in the state are right here in Rochester, so we have some great options to choose from.

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There are a total of 22 breweries within an hour of Rochester. You could make it a goal to visit all of them by the end of the year!

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