(In)famous Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl once again finds himself the target of good-natured mockery, this time at the hands of a Minnesota brewery.

In early August Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. in downtown St. Paul hinted at a new beer coming soon that seemed to be a nod -- if not outright mockery -- of renowned Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl.

"Coming soon... I guarantee it!" read the caption of a photo shared to social media. The photo in question showed a beer can label of a cartoon character that resembled Lindahl held up side by side with one of the realtor's actual billboards. "Look How Long My Arms Are" reads the label, apparently a reference to the beer's name.

Whatever the intention, fans found the humor.

"As a previous MSP resident I am entirely thrilled with this," wrote one in the comment section.

"I love that you are making fun of him too!!!" commented another.

"I'll buy it just so I can draw a mustache on the label!" joked a third.

Three weeks later, Tin Whiskers took to social media yesterday to announce that the beer is nearly ready to hit taps in the downtown St. Paul taproom. "We're about to ruin your mouth for all other beers... this beer is hitting the taproom on FRIDAY! Worried you won't get here in time to get a pint or crowler? Presale starting Wednesday at noon."


As for what the Minnesota realtor whose image is being copied (mocked? ridiculed? flattered?) thinks, it sounds like he loves the idea, and his marketing team is even helping market the beer.

attachment-Tin Whiskers 2 (1)

The beer itself is a Hazy India Pale Ale with Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Simcoe Hops. If you're interested in trying it, Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. is located at 127 9th St E, St Paul, MN 55101.

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