We love the donuts, will we like the chips? That's the question I try to answer in today's new product test.

I saw 'em at the 37th Street Kwik Trip in Rochester and grabbed a bag. After all, glazers are fantastic donuts. When Krispy Creme was in town, I don't know anyone that preferred KK's to Kwik Trip's glazed donuts. They're a super basic donut. Just donut plus a glaze and I'm here for it. Anytime.

Do the chips taste good? Check the video.

These new chips fall on the heels of Kwik Trip Chicken! I tried the chicken in THIS blog review of the hot fried chicken meal...

The chicken itself was (and I'm sorry to have to use this word, but it’s the only word that fits) moist and juicy. Perfectly cooked. Nice flavor. I ate one piece with the skin and one without. I prefer the skinless, although the breading will remind many of the Rooster's, Too broasted chicken, which everyone loves.

Now try the Glazzer Potato Chips, they're like donuts in your mouth without the sticky fingers!

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