The Minnesota Department of Health has stated that two 2017 deaths at Three Links Care Center in Northfield, were due to Neglect.

The investigations completed in December of last year said that the first incident that took place in May of 2017, resulted from a residence falling while being transferred and hitting their head, and then the resident later died from their injuries.

According to the Northfield News, the other incident took place in October of last year when the resident fell from a standing lift, fracturing their leg and dying of complications from the fall.

According to the report, Three Links was fined and the state will be monitoring them going forward, and even though they have the right to appeal the ruling, they will not do so.

Three Links CEO Mark Anderson said that they offer their condolences to the families involved and that they are dedicated to providing quality care and safety for all of their residents. After suspending those involved, they conducted their own investigation and retrained all of the staff on safety procedures.


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