A sign in Northfield has earned some appreciation for its relatable Minnesota terminology.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, one of the top safety measures commonly recommended has been social distancing. According to the CDC, social distancing means keeping a distance of at least six feet (or about two arms length) from another person. The distance of six feet has never really been contested, though at times it has been adapted to more relatable terms. In April 2020 the Minnesota Sheriff's Association earned some laughs by turning Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl's popular "look how long my arms are" billboard into a social distancing guide.

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With the rise of the COVID-19 Omicron variant around Minnesota, a sign spotted in Northfield, Minnesota has earned some attention of its own. Shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit by Reddit user u/Crashdumby69, the sign encourages outdoor social distancing with a touch of tongue-in-cheek.

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"Enjoy the outdoors," reads the sign before going on to recommend maintaining a distance of at least six feet. It then compares the six-foot measurement to references that any Minnesotan would understand, including "one fishing rod," "6 bluegills," and -- laughably -- "the one that got away." The sign also includes additional COVID-19 health recommendations including staying home, washing hands and wearing a face mask.

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The photo has earned some praise online from a number of fans of the town of "colleges, cows and contentment."

"The city of Northfield is near and dear to my heart as well! Cows, Colleges & Contentment!" said one.

"Never change, Northfield. I’m proud to have lived in that town," praised another. Others have wondered aloud at the idea of foot-long bluegill.

"In what universe are bluegill a foot long?!" asked one Reddit user.

"Hello Northfield, please let me know which lake I can catch six, foot-long, bluegill on," agreed another.

"Ok, where is this place?" asked a third. "I want to fish where 6 Bluegills = 6 feet!"

Record-breaking bluegills aside, Northfield's a quaint little community with a lot going for it. Read more about the Hallmark Christmas movie filmed there, the colleges ranked best of 2022 and the local brewery that won't tolerate pet names anymore.

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