Last Saturday I went out to the farm to check the crops and get the planter ready to plant beans. My peas should be harvested around the fifth of July and, weather permitting, I am going to plant beans and hope for the best. It is getting late to plant beans, but I am going to try anyway. When you consider the cost of planting a cover crop, planting beans is not a whole lot more. So with beans there is a chance at getting something back as I need to have some type of cover crop.

I took this picture of one of my corn fields to document how tall the corn was. Yes, it is my first selfie. I thought it was surprising that I even knew what a selfie was! During my grandfathers' day the goal was knee-high corn by the Fourth of July. That no longer applies today, as we have corn hybrids that we can plant much earlier in the spring. Today we would be very disappointed about the yield potential of a corn crop that was only knee-high by the Fourth of July. With this picture taken on Saturday, that means there was another week to get even taller before the Fourth.

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