The Star Tribune is reporting that the Minnesota State High School League is meeting to discuss temporary rule changes due to weather concerns.

The weather has been absolutely terrible throughout Minnesota. While we have seen most of the snow melt here in Southeast Minnesota, our friends to the north have still struggled to do the same amount of melting, forcing them to postponed many games.

Double-headers will become the norm, as teams will struggle to fit in all of their conference games along with section games that will have an impact on seeding.

While it is not ideal to change the number of innings teams will play, but it is the only way they will be able to fit in all of the games with the weather we have had and the weather that is on the way.

Some area golf, track, baseball and softball teams have yet to even get outside and practice, let alone fit in an actual meet or game. Tennis may have been able to fit in a meet across the state if their courts were cleared off and dry!

It has been a crummy start to spring, but we should see the rule changes coming soon. We will have the latest for you right here, so stayed tuned.


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