There have been rumors for a while, but it became official with a mandatory meeting; Mayo Clinic has offered somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 transcriptionists what's being called "voluntary separation packages". This doesn't mean 400 people in Rochester will lose their jobs, tho. According to the Rochester Post Bulletin, the buyouts are being offered in Rochester, Florida, and Arizona Mayo Clinic locations.


Many or even most transcriptionists do not go into the office to work, they do their work from home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs are on the decline, and with Mayo moving to a new computer system, perhaps the need will drop even more quickly.

The PB says Mayo's given them 45 days to accept or decline the offer, and they can look for other jobs within Mayo.

Personal note: I remember a time we used to run a LOT of commercials for medical transcriptionists on KROC-AM and FM. They had a hard time getting enough people to do the job, that paid well but wasn't everyone's cup of tea. How quickly things change.

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