The Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week topic for today is Floods and Flash Floods.  This is the event we have seen the most in the KDHL POWER 96 listening area with no less than four flood events over the past seven years in Faribault, Owatonna and Northfield.

Floods and flash floods are one of the most common natural hazards experienced throughout Minnesota.  Did you know that two feet of water can move a car? The Minnesota Department of Public Safety encourages you to turn around when you see flooded roads or moving water on the road during a flood event so you don't drown.

Know flood warning terms

  • Flood or Flash Flood Watch - conditions exist for possible flooding
  • Flood Warning - flood is occurring or will occur soon
  • Flash Flood Warning - a flash flood is occurring or will occur soon so seek safety or higher ground immediately and avoid flooded roadway

Before a flood it is recommended if you live in a flood prone area:

  • Buy flood insurance for your home at least 30 days prior to flood season
  • Elevate basement furnaces, water heaters, and electric panels
  • Install check valves in sewer traps
  • Construct barriers or dikes if possible
  • Seal basement walls
  • Prepare for evacuation if necessary.  This means having a plan and informing your family and neighbors.
  • Have a "go kit" ready with valuable and important papers and enough supplies to last several days.

During a Flood - Plan

  • Listen to KDHL or POWER 96 for information
  • Be aware of streams, drainage channels and canyons
  • Be aware of road and bridge closures and find alternate routes
  • Move immediately to high ground if flood waters are near
  • Be prepared to evacuate on short notice

During a Flood- Prepare

  • If you have to evacuate, and time permits:
  • Secure your home
  • Bring in outdoor furniture
  • Move essential items to an upper floor
  • Turn off utilities
  • Plan an evacuation route and inform family and neighbors of a destination

During a Flood - Don't Drive

  • Do not walk or drive through moving water
  • Do not drive on flooded roads
  • Be aware of downed power lines

After a Flood

  • Return home only when authorities indicate it is safe
  • Use caution when entering buildings
  • Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits, leaching systems
  • Clean and disinfect damaged property
  • Have alternate sewage/toilet capacity
Severe Weather Awareness Week Wednesday Topic. Info from Minnesota Department of Public Safety and KDHL Radio
Severe Weather Awareness Week Wednesday Topic. Info from Minnesota Department of Public Safety and KDHL Radio

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