It's generally pretty easy to spot a Redbird amongst a field of green. A Montgomery-Lonsdale graduate, Meghan Petricka, will be joined by six others as they compete in the 'topiary competition series' coming to Discovery + May 12th.

Petricka, who now lives in Eden Prairie according to the Montgomery Messenger, will be joined by some of the best and brightest when it comes to plant-pruning and creation in the show that will be having a special 90-minute debut episode according to

The show, which according to People, will run 6 episodes, and crown a topiary master, features Martha Stewart as one of three judges. The other judges on the show will be Chris Lambton as well as critically-acclaimed landscape designer Fernando Wong. Hosting the show will be actor Michael Urie according to People.

Plant-based artists like Petricka are so versatile as they have to work with what the plant or tree gives them as a canvas and then do the best they can with that canvas. I struggle at times to reign in my unruly bushes and make them look presentable, but the work that will be done on this show pales in comparison to anything I could do.

The show's top artist will get the grand prize of $50,000. You can watch the 'first look' at the show here.

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