The Minnesota Department of Travel says it's too dangerous to drive today (read our story about it HERE), and I had to get to work, so I drove. And boy howdy, MnDOT is right, super slippery and super dangerous. It reminds me of the time my dad got tired driving and had me drive 115 a white-out blizzard. The drive included going across the Mackinac Bridge, a five-mile suspension bridge. I lucked out and had a semi in front of me, so I followed it's red lights all the way home. And then collapsed from the stress and fear.

My dad slept the whole time. are the three things you need to know if you're going to drive today.


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    There is nothing better for a safe drive in bad conditions than slowing down. Coming into work today I was going 35 - 40 MPH on 52. I got here. Took a while, but I got here safe. Booya!

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    Oprah used to say, "Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes." That's pretty good advice. Being five minutes late is WAY better than being five minutes dead. Besides, if you're on your way to fill a volunteer spot, being late is WAY better than not showing up. If you can't show up because you're dead, you can't call to let them know you'll be super late.

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    Listen, if you're like Mr. Yellow-Semi-Cab hauling hay on Hiway 52 this morning, you're going WAY to fast for conditions and you're putting people in danger with your weaving in and out of traffic trying to get there.

    Do you think you're more important than other people on the road? Sure, there's a chance you'll only hurt yourself when you realize too late you've lost control and you careen into a tree, a house, or a utility pole.

    But you could also lose control and kill someone. I spent time yesterday with people who lost loved ones in tragic accidents, and losing a loved one like that is something that changes them. And it'll change you, too.

    There's a lawn sign not far from the station that says, "Drive like your kids are playing here."  When you want to 'get there', please, think about that, and give yourself, and everyone around you, the gift of five minutes.

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    This was some pretty heavy talk, so let's look at some cute dogs, OK?

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