There's a program that the Legislature just approved and sent to Governor Walz to pay Minnesota residents to convert their lawns into a bee-friendly habitat. The Star Tribune writes that "the state will set aside $900,000 over one year to assist homeowners."

This program is to help save the bee population, which is dwindling. Specifically, this program wants to help the rusty patched bumblebee. The Star Tribune says that the rusty patched bumblebee is "a fat and fuzzy species on the brink of extinction that seems to be making its final stand in the cities of the Upper Midwest."

The program will help pay for up to 75% of the cost to convert your lawn into a bee-friendly habitat or if your yard is in an area with "high potential" of help they'll cover up to 90%.

In the yards that get converted, the things that will be planted there are wildflowers, clovers, and native grasses.

The person responsible for introducing this bill is State Rep. Kelly Morrison, DFL-Deephaven. She said that she hopes this program will be ready next spring.


Source: Star Tribune


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