It's been making its way through the legislature this year, but a new law that outlaws slow driving in the left lane could be law in Minnesota very soon.

That's right, you've probably heard about the proposed 'Left Lane Slowpoke' bill, right? It would make it illegal to camp out and drive slowly in the left-hand lane of a divided highway here in Minnesota.

It was first proposed last spring but didn't get anywhere, and ultimately, wasn't passed into law. (I first wrote about it HERE.) Well, it was back again earlier this year, too-- as another bill was brought up for discussion in a few Legislative committees up in St. Paul. (My fellow compatriot, James Rabe, wrote about this year's bill HERE.)

And, as this story from Valley News Live reports, the bill apparently made it into the budget compromise bill state legislators passed last week and is sitting on Governor Walz's desk, where he could sign it into law yet this week!

Here's how it would work. This KARE-11 story said the bill would "Raise the fine for driving too slowly in the left lane to $100 from the current level of $50. Once you tack on the $75 standard surcharge for all moving violations, a slowpoke violation would total $175," the story noted.

The story didn't say when the law would take effect (unlike the new hands-free bill, which starts August 1st), but it did note the bill also requires a public awareness campaign so drivers can learn about the new law.

So, take that, left lane slowpokes-- what you're doing isn't just annoying, it'll soon be illegal too!

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