While Major League Baseball is set to return next week, fans will not be allowed to attend games. That is not stopping MLB was creating a true in-game experience for players though.

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According to a report by the Associated Press, Major League Baseball will be using artificial crowd noise from....their officially licensed video game? Yup, you read that right! Players will still be hearing the roar of the crowd when there is a big hit or clutch strike out even in an empty stadium. By using sounds captured by the video game, "MLB The Show", stadium sound engineers will have a library of "noise" to use during games this season. San Diego Studios, which is sub branch of Sony Entertainment, has been collecting crown noise for the MLB licensed video game for several seasons.

MLB teams started testing this idea at the beginning of their summer camp games and will be further expanded on in the coming exhibition games early next week. Surprisingly, MLB isn't the first to experiment with this idea! England's Premier League and Spain's La Liga have been doing this since both Fútbol Leagues returned to play. With the help of Electronic Arts, who produces the officially licensed FIFA Games, teams have been using the artificial crown noise during their games. NBA has also been in talks with Take-Two Interactive, who produces the officially licensed NBA 2K series, about using filtered crowd noise for their season as well.

Major League Baseball is hoping that the "crowd" noise, along with player's walk up music and the stadium public address announcer can create as close to an authentic in-game experience possible without fans filling the seats for their favorite team(s).

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