Here in southeast Minnesota, we have the luxury of seeing some amazing fall colors to go along with beautiful landscape and some amazing parks. Even though it means that winter is on the way, we can still take the time to enjoy the outdoors without freezing.

Lucky for us, we have beautiful scenery year round, but this year is expected to be extra bold because the Fall Foliage is expected to be excellent for much of the state.

If you go to the Minnesota DNR's website, you will see that much of the state has yet to reach the "peak" of Fall Foliage, but you can also tell that it is nearly here. Also, according to Only In Your State, Minnesota is expected to have some bright and bold colors to check out.

If you want to take a short or long trip, you can check it out to see where some of the best places to go in the state are for breathtaking views.

So don't be afraid to hop in the car and take a drive this fall to soak it all in.


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