This is the last thing I have to do to clean up after the severe storm and tornados. There is a line of trees on the property line on the west side of the house. The rain gutters on our house were full of twigs and leaves. The water goes from the downspouts to a buried plastic tile line. It does not discharge into the storm sewer. Instead it comes out of the ground down the hill on the lawn. I try and keep the rain gutters clean so the debris do not get into the tile and block it.

I have considered over the years installing a guard over the rain gutters. Then I would not have to climb up on a ladder to clean them out. Normally I only have to be concerned about this when the leaves are falling. I know people have been injured falling off ladders cleaning out rain gutters. Cleaning out rain gutters is a pretty small task compared to what many farmers are dealing with, debris scattered in their fields, grain bins flattened just before harvest, and livestock barns destroyed.

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