It was a busy time with our daughter Laura and son Steve getting married 3 weeks apart this month. Everything went as planned except for our hotel room after Laura's wedding. Laura's wedding was at the American Swedish Institute in Downtown Minneapolis. Louise wanted us to get a hotel room close so we would not have to drive back to Faribault late Saturday night. It was about 11:30 pm when we returned to the hotel. Louise had the room card in her purse. She unlocked the hotel door, we walked in to see a number of teenage girls laying on the beds watching TV.

You can imagine how shocked, surprised and stunned you would be walking into your hotel room you had been at for two nights and find a number of teenage girls in it. We, of course, excused ourselves and went down to the front desk. It took the manager a couple of minutes to figure out what happened. In our file that Saturday morning housekeeping noted that all of our "stuff" and luggage were gone. They "assumed" we left early.

That weekend there was a major concert at U S Bank Stadium. There was a big demand for hotel rooms in Downtown Minneapolis. So, they gave our room to the teenage girls. The hotel apologized and did not charge us for that third night. Plus, they gave us one free night stay. We then just drove home back to Faribault. This does raise questions about the policies and procedures at the hotel.

They had my cell number so why did they not call or send a text message to see if we planned on coming back? If I was the Dad of one of those teenage girls I would be concerned about someone else being able to just walk into the room? I suspect for quite a while every time I go into a hotel room I will wonder if there is someone in it! When I am in my hotel room I think I will also have the safety latch, chain or deadbolt locked to make sure someone does not come into my room!

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