Phobias are a common thing among us humans. Some involve spiders, snakes, and flying but for many Minnesotan's their biggest fear is being alone.

Your Local Security
Your Local Security

According to a report done by, to find the most search phobia in each state they analyzed search queries that began with the phrase "fear of".  The biggest fear in Minnesota is being alone, also know as Autophobia. For some people, solitude, even in a safe place like home, can cause extreme anxiety for those who struggle with the disorder. Minnesota as well as Missouri and Ohio all share the same phobia of being alone.

The biggest fear that was found by this report was the fear of people (social phobia/ anthropophobia), that made up of 22% of total searches in 10 of the the 50 States. The second highest searched phobia is aviophobia, or the fear of flying. Seven states were found to have searched this one up.

To see the full study and to read more on the different phobias you can visit Your Local Security's website by clicking here!

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