Throughout the last year we have seen a lot of controversial statues being brought down and removed from the places where they have stood for decades.

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Some of the statues were bringing negative feelings for some and also being a reminder of situations regarding racism and oppression.

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Just a couple of days before President Trump is scheduled to leave office, he has given some more details on a planned "statue garden".  This was brought up earlier in the year, but little was known about what exactly the garden would  include.  Now, we  see that there are a few people included who are from Minnesota, and a few that have ties to Minnesota.  

Some of the "heroes" that are planned to be in the American Heroes garden include  famous Minnesotan, Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She was born in Wisconsin, but famously lived in Walnut Grove, Minnesota and is the author of the beloved "Little House on the Prairie" series of books.  Also included is Herb Brooks.  Of course we all know him as the coach who lead Team USA to the "Miracle on Ice" and an Olympic gold medal.

Some people who were left off the list of more than  200 scheduled statues are F. Scott Fitzgerald, but Ernest Hemmingway is included.  Whitney  Houston is scheduled to be included, but not Prince.  I kind of take offense at that one.  C'MON!  Prince??  Of course he should be included in this one if you are included influential musicians.  There are a few others that were omitted that should have been included.

President Trump says that this statue garden is in response to the number of statues that have been taken down.  By the way, Christopher Columbus is scheduled to be part of the statue garden.

The statue of Columbus was one of the statues that was taken down.

No definite word on when this planned statue garden will be completed.

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