The US Attorney's Office in Minnesota announced earlier this afternoon charges against a 22-year-old Owatonna man in connection to the sale of an unregistered firearm to undercover agents in January. The Federal charges against Dayton Sauke include "possessing an unregistered firearm."

Image Credit: US Attorney Erica MacDonald's Office
Image Credit: US Attorney Erica MacDonald's Office

According to the charging documents online "On Friday, July 30, 2020, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) informed your affiant that a Confidential Informant provided information that Sauke was selling narcotics and engaged in manufacturing and/or dealing firearms without a license. The Confidential Informant recalled seeing Sauke offer a manufactured firearm for sale on the social media platform Snapchat in the past. The Confidential Informant provided screenshots of Sauke’s Snapchats."

"On December 6, 2020, an ATF special agent acting undercover sent Sauke a friend request on Snapchat using an undercover profile. Sauke accepted the friend request, making future posts visible to the ATF. From December 6, 2020 through today’s date (January 15th when Sauke was arrested), the ATF monitored Sauke’s Snapchat account. Sauke made numerous posts consistent with manufacturing and dealing firearms without a license, as well as using drugs and dealing drugs."

On January 15th Sauke agreed to meet with an undercover agent and agreed to sell the agent according to the complaint "a privately made firearm" in the parking lot of a Faribault business for $1,500. After the sale of the firearm Sauke then discussed with the undercover agents at the sale about "manufacturing additional firearms for both of the undercover agents." It was at that time Sauke was taken into custody.

The complete charging document can be found here. 


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