Tipping is such a hairy topic. How much do you tip X person? Are there certain people you should be tipping and you had no idea? It's a weird thing! But one group of people that I feel like is pretty obvious we should be tipping are our bartenders. But Minnesotans are apparently some of the worst tippers of our bartenders.


Minnesotans are Terrible Tippers

Come on Minnesota, we're better than this. This is based on a survey done by Upgraded Points. They looked at how much people in each state tip their bartenders as well as a few other bar habits that we'll talk about in a second.

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A shocking 8% of Minnesota survey respondents said they don't tip their bartender ANYTHING. That's nuts! We're tied as the worst state with Kansas (8% in Kansas also said they don't tip). The states following us are Iowa (7.8% don't tip), Washington (5.9%), and Utah (5.9%).

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How Much Should You Tip Your Bartender?

So how much should you be tipping? Upgraded Points says that a majority of people in the survey said they tip their bartenders 20%. I just did the math and I guess I've been skimping out on my bartenders. Uh oh... here I thought I was a good tipper but I guess not! I learned something today.

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What Do Minnesotans Order at the Bar?

This survey also figured out what Minnesotans typically order at the bar.

For an alcoholic beverage, it's pretty broad, Minnesotans just go for a mixed drink. Our "classic" beer of choice is Blue Moon, our cocktail of choice is a margarita, and our bar preference is a brewery. Wow, I really am a true Minnesotan, I agree with all of this.

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