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Walk / Don't Walk are probably two of the most basic laws Americans disregard as we see fit. No traffic, walk! Traffic won't get here for a bit, walk! You just might get hit by a car, but you have to pee, walk! But not here in Minnesota. Not even in winter!

Minnesotan's Would Rather Freeze to Death Than Cross Against the Light

Dylan Wohlenhaus (former KARE11 journalist on Twitter @DylanWohlenhaus) shot some video that proves we are the most law-abiding. At least about the walk/don't walk.

Shot Thursday, when it was fa-fa-fa-Freezing in Minnesota, this fine upright Minnesota resident did not cross against a light, she kept herself warm waiting. Or she was waiting for the bus, freezing, and was a proud masking resident. Or she was waiting for a friend and masking and making her FitBit happy.

Relatable Content Creation for the Win!

I don't really know for sure and Woholenhaus didn't offer any more info on the video. And I didn't ask, because this is a fun story about someone doing the Minnesota Shuffle in sub-zero temps and I think we can all relate to it.

What do you think she's doing? Just tap the email link below and let me know!

Speaking of Winter Weather and Videos...

Tori Yorgey, a reporter for WSAZ in West Virginia, was about to do a live report when she was accidentally hit by an SUV. Yorgey, who was alone without a photographer, went on to finish her live shot. She went to the hospital to get checked out and is said to be doing fine. (TODAY)

(Former KDWB Morning Show Co-Host) Lee Valsvik was just doing her job. The reporter for the Minneapolis NBC affiliate was hyping up Saturday night's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers and was showing off the rooftop at Union. Easy enough, right? But then her cameraman tackled her.

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