The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has updated the maps that farmers can use to make sure they are in compliance with the Minnesota Groundwater Protection Rule. Remember, the Groundwater Protection Rule restricts certain areas of Minnesota from fall applications of nitrogen fertilizer. This is because certain areas are vulnerable to ground water contamination from nitrate nitrogen. There are a number of public water supply wells that have elevated nitrate levels. Click on this link and you can see where those wells are located in Minnesota: here

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So, the Minnesota department of Agriculture has made available for farmers another map where nitrogen cannot be applied in the fall. These restrictions will take affect on September 1, 2022. In addition there are recommendations for farmers to follow to reduce the severity of nitrate contamination. Here is the link to the MDA website where fall nitrogen applications are restricted. which is also viewable

I know there are always a small number of "bad actors" and that is why you need laws and regulations. But the vast majoring of farmers have already stopped fall applications of nitrogen in these vulnerable areas. Why would you pay for and apply nitrogen fertilizer if there was increased risk it would be lost before your corn crop needed it next spring and summer? Especially when nitrogen has more than doubled in price to $1,500 a ton? Here is another example of doing the right practice for the environment is also the most profitable.

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