Picture this. You are a police officer and it has been snowing, and you arrive at a call for service after a report of a pickup was ramming a pile of snow. Upon arrival, you find a black pickup truck parked on top of a large mound of snow. The truck appears to be occupied by a possible intoxicated person and stuck. Sadly this isn't just a story, it really happened in Bloomington, and police there decided to flex their meme game after the arrest.

BPD received a call that a truck seemed to be intentionally ramming into a large snowbank. When the officer responded and saw the truck on a large snow pile, he asked the driver why he decided to park his truck on top of the snowbank. The driver responded, “I just wanted to see what this truck could do, and then I got stuck. ” We helped tow his truck out of this quandary and placed him under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated, not only is it unsafe, but often shows we don’t make the best decisions under those circumstances. #Dontdrinkanddrive

As you can see in the photo, the truck made its way up the side of the snowbank only to get stuck trying to go over the top of the snowbank and bottoming out.

The post by the Bloomington Police Department is pretty straightforward, if you've been drinking, don't drive, and more importantly, don't pick a fight with a snowbank if you do drive. (Really, seriously folks, don't drink and drive!)

How about some sounds of winter? I don't think a truck ramming a snowbank would qualify as a Minnesota winter sound, but maybe check them out below!

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