Imagine working a double, then getting home, getting some sleep, then turning around and working another double shift all in the name of purchasing something in order to start your dream job. For one newly minted Minnesotan, Mackenson Charles originally from Miami Florida, that was his reality for a little less than the last year and a half. Mackenson's dream is to open up a food truck, and then turn that food truck into a real brick-and-mortar restaurant, he wants to employ people, "the real American dream" is how he phrased it.

Just last week he had his food truck, but all of that changed in the blink of an eye. Mackenson's food trailer, nearly complete, it was just missing his food license, was stolen on Thursday, February 3rd from Lake Street in Hopkins, with it everything he had worked for the last 16 months.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

He told me his dream isn't over, rather it's on hold while he works his way towards a new trailer.

For any regular person, that moment would be absolutely dream-crushing, not for Mackenson. Instead, he is pulling himself up by his bootstraps, but also asking for some help in the process. You see Mackenson isn't afraid of work, I can tell. After talking with him this morning about his recent run of bad luck, Mackenson told me he created the GoFundMe to help him purchase a new trailer, as the last one plus equipment cost him somewhere in the range of $20,000-25,000. He went so far as to drive all the way to Ohio for the first one and then drove it back.

Mackenson did mention that he thought maybe someone was watching him outfit the trailer over the last few weeks, as the trailer only went missing once he had installed the gas tank and lines for the cooking appliances.

His dream would be that someone sees the picture of his trailer, notices it in their neighborhood, and have it returned to him without anything missing or damaged.

Whether or not his original trailer is found remains to be seen, he told me he hasn't heard anything from Hopkins police since he reported it stolen, but one thing I can bet won't change, is his work ethic and drive. If you want to help Mackenson out, you can donate to his GoFundMe here, or share this post in an effort to make his story known. Someone saw something that night last week.

Mackenson's American dream is on the line.

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