Up North a ways is Nimrod, MN. There's one bar, 69 residents, and one life-saving-beer drinker from Pine River (that's about 30 minutes east by car, which is like 10 minutes in Rochester).

According to the Duluth News Tribune,  Kristin Day met a stranger at the town's only bar. She noticed he had a fistula, a thing in his arm that's used to hook up to a dialysis machine. The stranger's kidneys were toast, and after chatting for a couple hours, Kristin Day got his contact info. Secretly, got a bunch of tests done, found out she could be his donor and then offered him one of her kidneys.

Just like that?

Birmingham Hospital Conducts Kidney Transplant
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Just like that. It took about 6 months altogether, and now the stranger is alive and well, and Kristin Day is back to living life just like before. Only, as a superhero, because she literally donated life. If you'd like to Donate Life, just click HERE. And if you are a donor, please, let your family know. 


Nimrod - It's a Biblical name. The son of Cush, his grampa was Ham. His great grampa was Noah! It makes sense then that a miracle happened with all that liquid surrounding them in Nimrod's only bar.

How do you get to Nimrod?  You pretend you're going to Little Falls, but keep going north for about...forever...turn left at Motley, and right just before Verndale (if you hit Wadena, y'better turn around then, ok, cuz you went to far, then).

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