ST. PAUL -- Troopers with the Minnesota State Patrol will soon be equipped with body cameras.

Starting next week, 40 troopers will be amongst the first to wear body cameras on a full-time basis.

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Col. Matt Langer says they are eager to have this additional tool at their disposal.

Video systems for the state patrol is nothing new, it's been part of our culture for many years. The implementation of the body cameras is just an extension of that because we like things to be recorded and that record of what occurred.

Langer says the cameras will be activated during any contact with citizens such as traffic stops or crash investigations.

Trooper Ben Madsen has been using the body camera for a few weeks. He says the cameras are fairly easy to operate.

It's incredibly easy to use, it activates on its own when we turn on the emergency lights. As far as getting use to it, it didn't take long. Once you know what you're doing its like using any other piece of equipment.

In addition to the body cameras, Langer says a new camera system will be installed in every trooper's squad in order for camera technology to be uniform and synched.

In total, roughly 700 troopers, Capitol Security officers and Commercial Vehicle Inspectors will be outfitted with body cameras by June 30th, 2022.

This initiative was funded by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Tim Walz earlier this year.


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