It sounds like you should already know this, but with all the news people are hearing about possible meat shortages due to packing houses being closed due to COVID-19, it is good to repeat. Don't purchase unlabeled meat from mobile meat sellers. The Dodge County Sheriff's Office recently posted on their Facebook page about the topic, and there are some great tips and reasons why you should stay away from this type of activity and or food. 

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office was recently notified by a resident about someone going around soliciting to residents in Dodge Center products and presented themselves as a mobile meat seller.

Sheriff Scott Rose stated in his post that in Dodge County someone like this needs a permit to operate, and it was his knowledge that no permits were applied for in Dodge Center for mobile meat selling.

Sheriff Rose went on to post that "there is great risk in buying meat from unlicensed vendors. The biggest concern is you don’t know where the meat came from. It could be legitimate, or could have been obtained from places where it has been discarded due to being past the usable date, and it is repackaged and resold."

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So what happens if you get a knock on your door and are offered to purchase some meat, or other too good to be true product? Please contact either the Sheriff’s Office or your local Police if you question the legitimacy at all of any door to door sales product.

Remember the old adage, if it's too good to be probably is.

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