Just in time for Mother's Day, WalletHub released their findings from a study they did to find out which states are the best and the worst for working moms. Minnesota faired really well in this study, coming in at number two! But who beat us out?

In order to establish a ranking for each state, WalletHub looked at a variety of different qualities in each state that would make it a better or worse place for working moms. They looked at "17 key metrics" to determine where to rank each state. Some of those metrics include the quality of daycare, the gender pay gap, parental leave, and the median woman's salary. You can check out all of the 17 metrics that were taken into account HERE.

Coming in at number one is... Massachusetts. They beat us out for the number one spot, Minnesota came in at number two. Number three goes to Vermont, number four is Connecticut, number five: District of Columbia, number six is New Jersey, number seven is Rhode Island, number eight is Maine, number nine: New Hampshire, and number ten is Wisconsin. I think it's interesting that all of the states in the top ten, other than Minnesota and Wisconsin, are on the East Coast.

And because we're curious, we need to know which states ranked in the bottom ten, as the worst states for working moms. Number 42 is Georgia, number 43 is Nevada, followed by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and last place goes to... Louisiana.

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