Wallet Hub put together a list of the hardest-working states in the country and Minnesota ended up ranking in the top 20!

In order to determine which states work the hardest, here's what Wallet Hub looked at:

  • Which states work the longest hours in a week.
  • Which states have the highest employment rate.
  • Which states have the lowest idle youth rate.
  • Which states have the highest number of volunteer hours per resident.
  • Which states have the lowest average leisure time spent per day.

Minnesota didn't end up in the top 5 or bottom 5 of any of those lists except for the idle youth rate. Minnesota ranked number one for lowest idle youth rate.

After they looked at these 5 specific lists they determined which states are the hardest-working in the country. Here's the top 15:

1. North Dakota

2. Alaska

3. South Dakota

4. Texas

5. Nebraska

6. Hawaii

7. Wyoming

8. Colorado

9. Virginia

10. Maryland

11. New Hampshire

12. Oklahoma

13. Kansas

14. Iowa

15. Minnesota

And because we're curious, here's the bottom 10, the least hard-working states:

41. Pennsylvania

42. Illinois

43. New York

44. Connecticut

45. Oregon

46. Ohio

47. Michigan

48. New Mexico

49. Rhode Island

50. West Virginia


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