The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced that Palmer amaranth had been positively identified in Lincoln County. It was in 2016 that Palmer amaranth was first identified in Minnesota when it was found in Lyon and Yellow Medicine Counties. The (MDA) began the investigation when a seed company self reported to the MDA that cover crop seed had been sold in Minnesota contaminated with Palmer amaranth.

Companies that sell seed in Minnesota are required to do genetic testing to look for Palmer Amaranth. However, because of the wet spring and big demand for cover crop seed this led to other types or species of cover crop seed being planted in Minnesota.

"Seed was brought into the state and sold prior to all of the testing being completed" said Denis Thiede. MDA's Seed Unit Supervisor. "Its fortunate in this case when the testing was completed, this was the only one planted and all other seed could be removed from the market place."

The Palmer amaranth in the field was destroyed. However, the MDA Palmer amaranth team will monitor the site for up to three years for any new plants.

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