Maybe it's the internet, maybe the media is more aggressive these days but I don't remember so many creeps among us. Every day there is another story about sexual predators, voyeuristic weirdos, etc.

According to KFGO News a man from Elk River was recently sentenced for placing a hidden camera in a fitting room at a store in the Mall of America.

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Trevor Nielsen, a 41 year old man was arrested by Bloomington, Minnesota police after the manager of a Forever 21 store in the Mall of America call and reported that there was a man in a fitting room and had been in there for quite awhile.

First of all, what's more suspect than a grown man hanging out in a Forever 21 store. Add to that being in a fitting room for an extended period of time. Logic would dictate that this guy is up to no good.

Secondly, who's got the time to do this kind of stuff. Do you just get up in the morning and decide, "Hey I think I'll go to the mall and plant hidden cameras in fitting rooms"?

Anyway, when Nielsen exited the fitting room, Bloomington Police were waiting for him. When the police searched Nielsen, they found some double-sided black tape that he had allegedly used to secure the camera in the fitting room.  They also found Nielson's cell phone.

Nielsen confessed to hiding the camera multiple times in the past.. Police got a search warrant and searched Nielsen's phone where the found many pictures of women and some even looked to be under the age of 18. The women pictured in Nielsen's phone were in a semi nude and nude state of dress.

Here's what gets to me, Nielsen was sentenced to 90 days in jail. 90 days? How about 10 years in prison and registered as a sex offender?  Seems more fitting and I'm probably light on the jail time.

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