At this point in my life 3,000 square feet of space seems like a huge house. I can't even imagine having nearly 23,000 square feet of finished space.

Minnesota's largest home on the market is equipped with a whopping 22,700 feet of living space. That's INSANELY huge! And, that's also why it's on the market for $5.9 million...yes, that million with an 'M'.

This mega mansion, located at 11902 County Road 12 NW in Garfield, looks like a private resort from areal photos. According to the mansion's description on Zillow, 'everything is over the top." Well, they got that right.

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Inside, you'll find 19 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, huge vaulted ceilings, a 21 seat movie theater, an elevator, billiards room, 2 fire places, large indoor pool, a private malt shop and so much more.

Outside, you'll notice the entire property is gated, there's 2,000 square feet of shoreline, flower gardens everywhere, beautiful decks with views of the water and, you guessed it...more.

This home is like it's own town. You'd never have to leave. According to Zillow, the seller says, "our family grew up vacationing on Big Chippewa lake every summer. The boys learned to ski and wakeboard and our memories of fun times on the water are endless."

Even though this is a huge home, it sounds like it still provides so many opportunities to stay close and cozy with the family.

How much would the mortgage payment on this 'house' be? Zillow estimates it would cost you roughly $27,179 a month...or, you know, a year's salary for many people. YIKES! For those reasons, I'm going to have to pass on this one...unless someone has a few extra bucks I can have?

You've got to check out some photos from inside. Let's all dream a little bit and live vicariously through the online gallery.

Minnesota's Largest Home For Sale


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