Add this to the list of bizarre headlines you'll read in 2020. Some guy just walked into Miller Park Stadium, borrowed a tractor, and then proceeded to carve his name into the field. It was all caught on security camera.

It turns out this incident happened in June. The guys name is Keyon A. Lambert and he's been charge with a felony count of criminal damage to property and a misdemeanor disordley conduct count according to USA TODAY. The damage he caused is estimated to be $40,000.

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We have the footage now because a Wisconsin Television station filed an open records request for the security footage. Not seen on this clip is the fact that Lambert ran the bases backwards after he stopped the tractor. This 40 year old man was just have a kid's day playing with his tractor in the sand, and running the field.

I've got to say, this guy must have some experience with driving a tractor. He's obviously no expert, but he seems to master the bucket controls pretty quick.

Was this guy drunk? Was he on drugs? Or did he just simply have enough of the stay at home orders and went a little crazy? Either way, he's paying for it now for having it on his criminal record.

Miller Park is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is home to the professional baseball team Milwaukee Brewers.

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